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servicesThe symbols and abbreviations shown in your spas upper regulation are called error codes. They inform you that the health spa possess identified a scenario which is why it then attempts to diagnose. Various gear makers incorporate different rules to determine certain ailments receive by the salon personal symptomatic system.

We will go through the two health spa systems we obtain most questions about. Balboa controls and Sundance Spas settings.

Balboa, probably one of the most common spa handles manufacturers, uses listed here requirements.

pd = Power offer, device running on electric battery back-up

OH = devices checking out 112-118 grade

Flo = poor stream or pressure switch malfunction

Magnificent = liquid temp 20 degrees below ready point

ICE = prospective freeze condition has been recognized

Sn1 = Hi-limit detector breakdown

Sn3 = Temp sensor malfunction

LOC = Interlock problem - possible push or ozone increase

(----) = unidentified h2o temperatures. (Displays when salon try very first driven up after refill).

Sundance salon, one of many largest health spa companies, uses the next error codes.

ILOC = Interlock problem - possible push or ozone increase

FLO = Pressure switch malfunction or Flow switch breakdown (system certain).

Hold = Flow turn (heater are deactivated. Pump are often deactivated).

Hold = section keys pressed to many era to easily.

HOT = PCB heat above acceptable restriction - air blower on.

ICE = Potential freeze disease.

PnL = correspondence between your board and routine board was defective.

(----) = "WATCHDOG" (health spa was deactivated) problems is detected. (system can maybe not diagnose)

Sn1 = OPEN DETECTOR (heater are deactivated) or SHORTED SENSOR (day spa was deactivated).

Sn3 = START SENSOR OR SHORTED DETECTOR ( heater disabled).
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You go out to use the salon or hot tub and instantly you understand one thing is completely wrong. Either water was cooler, making for a less than pleasurable soak or nothing is functioning after all. The health spa seems lifeless.

When you yourself have an electronic digital program in your spa or hot tub with an electronic upper regulation, you first consider the upper control display to see if it will probably tell you what is happening. Taking a look at their upper control, the truth is abbreviations like SN1 or FLO and even "----". Exactly what manage these signs and abbreviations suggest?